Eleven – A blog challenge to end 2013

Eleven on the Sky
Eleven on the Sky (Photo credit: snopek)

There were way too many things that I went through in 2013. These way too many things – not necessarily time issues – have somehow gotten in the way of doing many things I thought I’d be doing throughout the year. Yet, there’s always something that keeps calling you back to the things you like. This time it’s a blog challenge that has drawn me back to the blog, which I’ve kept more active than it seems, but never really managed to get down to writing anything in its entirety. This will hopefully change after a short break in which I’ll try my best to put my head back where it belongs. Before I start, I give you the rules of the challenge:

1. Acknowledge the blogger(s) who’ve tagged you
2. Share 11 random facts about yourself
3. Answer the 11 questions nominating  blogger(s)
4. List 11 bloggers
5. Post 11 questions for the nominated bloggers you’ve chosen and let them know they’ve been tagged. don’t nominate bloggers who nominated you.

I’ve been tagged by Leo Selivan, Juan Uribe, and Roseli Serra. Now, I’ve had the chance to meet Roseli in person this year, and she’s just lovely! By the way, I loved the bolo de rolo, Roseli! I still haven’t had the chance to meet Leo and Juan face to face, but I do believe we’ll manage to do so any time in the future as there are yet many conferences to attend. One of the many benefits of being part of this online community is that there will always be someone you ‘know’ in any conference you decide to attend. Now, to keep it simple, allow me to get down to the challenge.

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. I am upset when people don’t follow simple rules.
  2. I like cooking – but not from a recipe.
  3. My favourite pizza topping is cheese – plain and simple.

    Triple Cheese Pizza.
    Triple Cheese Pizza. (Photo credit: lynac)
  4. My favourite desserts are chocolate mousse and cheesecake. I actually was befuddled the very first time I went to the Cheesecake factory and saw a chocolate mousse cheesecake as I couldn’t believe that was possible.
  5. I have no fashion sense whatsoever. I once wore a bright yellow shirt, red bermudas and blue sneakers to the gym and found myself laughing at how weird I looked when I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror.
  6. I have never lived nor studied abroad. I learned English in Brazil, mostly because I started teaching English. I felt that I had to learn a lot more than I had learnt in my regular English course and ended up continuing my studies by myself.
  7. I once wanted to be a history teacher and I actually started studying history at university. My favourite part of history is the Middle Ages.
  8. I used played RPG and was a storyteller for both GURPS and Vampire: The Masquerade. I actually miss having the time to play RPG.
  9. I enjoy arguing for the sake of the argument. I think it’s a good exercise for your brain.
  10. I’ve used computers from a very early age and I really like technology.
  11. I like learning about many different, unrelated things.


Leo’s questions

1. What is your favourite level to teach?

I like teaching exam classes, mainly for the CAE and the CPE exams. However, I’ve learned to enjoy teaching all levels after a certain while. I guess this happens to all teachers after a certain while, right?!

2. If you had the time to blog about something other than education / ELT what would it be?

I’ve given this a lot of thought and one of the things that I’ve been planning to do is starting a blog about education in general, but written in Portuguese. My other thought is to write about things I witness daily, which would probably lend itself properly to the word BLOG. 🙂

3. What takes you longer: writing a blog post or inserting hyperlinks into it?

I guess it takes me longer to insert the hyperlinks. My reason for blogging is mainly reflecting on what I’ve read, and it’s easy for me to get lost in my thoughts and simply forget to quote where the inspiration for that thought came from, or just adding a link for further reference. It takes me time and discipline to do so.

4. What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I’m not exactly fond of trying exotic food. However, if you’re not Brazilian, I guess eating chicken hearts may be considered weird for some cultures.

5. A phone call or text message? Why?

Hmmm… I prefer talking to people, but as I’m constantly in the classroom, a text message might make it easier for people to reach me.

6. Cats or dogs? (No need to explain why)

Dogs! I’ve had dogs ever since I was born…

7. If you were a fruit what would you be?

What kind of question is this?! LOL…. well, in Brazil, we do have the fruit women, so this is kind of an awkward question to answer as I can’t think of a fruit without thinking of a funk song in which someone would be singing about me. I like fruit… and my favourite fruit is banana. That doesn’t mean I’d be a banana if I were a fruit, does it?!

8. What kind of jokes do you like?

The silliest the better… or the complete opposite of that. I have a … peculiar sense of humour.

9. What’s your favourite computer font?

Lately, I’ve been particularly keen on using Helvetica. I don’t really know why.

10. What present would you like to receive for your next birthday? (that is if you celebrate birthdays)

This is a tough one for me as I never really know what I’d like to get for my birthday. Perhaps having the chance to meet most of my friends would be the ideal birthday for me. So, how about attending a conference and finally meeting most people from my PLN?

11. Why do you think almost every blogger in this chain challenge has asked a question about reality TV shows?

Oh, that easy! Teachers live a life that could easily be broadcast on live TV as one of the most successful reality TV shows in history. So we all secretly believe we’re TV stars and would like to know if the other blogger follows out TV show.

Juan’s questions

1. What would you do if you were not an educator?

Hmm… I think I’d be an astronomer, an architect or a psychologist.

2. How do you relax?

I like watching sitcoms and playing mind-numbing games.

3. Do you write a diary?


4. What is love?

… and baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more! (Haddaway) It’s a 1993 song track!

5. What book are you reading now?

The Social Neuroscience of Education, by Louis Cozolino.

6. Do you have a pet?

Well, it’s complicated… I haven’t got any living with me, but the three dogs that my mum has are also mine, or at least I like to think so! 🙂

7. Do you collect anything?

Cachaça (Photo credit: Sheep”R”Us)

I used to collect keychains a long time ago. I also have a collection of beer mugs and cachaças, but it’s nothing exactly serious.

8. How do you have fun?

I like going out with my friends and chatting.

9. What can you cook?

I can cook anything that’s in the fridge! And this is literally true. I do like cooking, and I really like experimenting with different food. so I can turn aubergines and zucchinis into something I like. 🙂

10. Do you exercise much?

Well, I haven’t exercised at all these days, but I was once an athlete who practised more than 6 hours a day… One of the things I’d like to change next year is this – having the time and discipline to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

11.How would you describe me?

Well, you strike me as someone who’s truly passionate about life in general. You also seem to be someone who enjoys a good laugh and also some silly jokes. I think you’re open to new ideas and you like taking place in discussions. Did I get any of these right?!

Roseli’s questions

1. What’s you favourite season ?

I like winter. However, I don’t think that means I like it better than the other seasons.

2. Do you like celebrating your birthday with parties full of people?

Hmmm… I like celebrating my birthday with my friends and people who actually care about me. I think we know a lot of people who are just acquaintances or colleagues but we aren’t particularly close too. As I like talking to people, I’d rather have fewer people in my birthday parties than lots of acquaintances.

3. Do you have any hobbies?

Believe it or not, writing this blog has become a hobby. One to which I hope I’ll have the strength to return to next year.

4. What’s the best place you’ve ever been to?

Gee… I really would like to go back to NY, Washington D.C., and Boston. However, if I think about the best memories I have, these tend to be created mostly by the people I’pm with than the place in itself. For instance, I really love going to Pirenópolis – but that’s where I spent my honeymoon in… 🙂

5. What’s the worst film you’ve ever watched? Why?

Gangs of New York…. I didn’t like the plot, I guess.

6. What city in Brazil would you first like visiting? Why?

Right now, I guess I’d say Recife because there are many people I’ve met online who live there. Besides, the only time I went to Recife I was very little to remember anything.

7. Are you a  good cook? What kind food do you cook best?

My friends usually say I can barbecue like no one else. I guess barbecue it is!

Photo of a Churrasco (brazilian barbecue), as ...
Photo of a Churrasco (brazilian barbecue), as prepared by cariocas. Left to right and down are Fraldinha, Picanha, Coração (chicken heart), lingüiça (sausages), garlic bread, sliced picanha with garlic and chicken legs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8. Do you have a favourite song? Why is it your favourite?

I really like music, so coming up with a favourite song is quite hard. I like Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dire Straits, Metallica, Led Zeppelin… but if I had to choose one song it’s be Mr Jones, by the Counting Crows. I guess it’s a song that makes me happy.

9. What was the best year in your school times? Why?

My senior year in high school was probably the best one. Hmmm… because we won the competition against the other groups?! 🙂 As I’ve studied in the same class from my second grade to my senior year in high school, it’s hard to say which year was the best.

10. What do you consider to be the best thing about being and educator?

In a nutshell, having the chance to help other people in their quest to finding out who they truly are and teaching them about citizenship.

11. If you had three wishes for 2014 what would they be?

Hmmm… I don’t think you’re looking for answers from beauty pageant contests, right?! Let me think about down-to-earth wishes… re-learning how to relax a bit more, finding the balance between work and personal life, and meeting more people from my PLN.

This has been a lot of fun, actually. Hopefully, it’s also been the push I needed to resume blogging… but only after a short while as I’ll be traveling to try to relax a bit after such a tough year. Way too many bloggers have been nominated and this means that it’s actually quite hard to come up with 11 bloggers who haven’t been nominated yet. Maybe I’ll be faster on the next challenge so that this task of nominating others is easier. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Eleven – A blog challenge to end 2013

    1. Hey, Anthony!

      I guess that’s a plan! I’ll try to come up with the questions until tomorrow and update the post! That might actually work… 🙂

      I’ve just paid your blog a visit and I did like the idea of the reading hours being open to families. That’s one more blog on my RSS feed!


  1. I absolutely love your answer about reality TV. And also Counting Crows. You seem like a positive and bright person. It made me smile. Thanks for sharing – I didn’t know anything about you before except that you publish a daily collection of twitterstuff.

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