Doing Some Thinking turns 2 years old!!

Has it really been two years?? | Photo on Flickr by Davide Restivo

On November 3rd 2009, I posted my very first blog post. When I first started blogging, I honestly didn’t know where it’d take me. I’d tried creating blogs on topics completely unrelated to education, but now, when I look back, I believe the reasons and the drive were not right. Or at least they were not right for me. You see, when I thought of creating blogs on many different topics I was a lot more interested in being able to write a blog that’d have thousands of visitors after the first post. That’d never work for me, or at least it wouldn’t work currently. The thing is I suck at advertising, especially when it comes to self-advertising, which is something I’ve learned about the hard way after (no puns intended) doing some thinking about a lot of things I’ve been through.

I must say that creating a blog on ELT had never been a goal – I usually feel like I’m preaching to the choir when writing or when presenting a workshop or lecture to teachers on ELT. I mean, what usually springs to mind is that if I know it, pretty much everyone else must know it as well. But I do have a passion for teaching and learning, this is something I can’t deny. I can easily spend hours of my free time discussing education – ELT has always been the starting point, but education in general is a point of interest. It was only after I started following a couple of blogs on ELT that I found out how good it was to have, in blogs, a space to share my views. It all started with the comments. A blog was still not in mind.

To be honest, having found myself amidst conversations with loads of teachers who also shared a passion for education was enough. That’s when I saw it even more clearly that writing helps me organise my thoughts. And then some comments felt like they were just way too big to clutter somebody’s post. I never had a problem with how big the comments are, but I read somewhere it’s good practice not to do so. In case you’re wondering, I do love thoughtful comments, regardless of how many words they may have. Fortunately, the reason why I started blogging was to have a place to share my thoughts. I write what I believe in, and I don’t really have a problem with changing my mind later on.

It was through the blog (and twitter, I must say) that I was able to “meet” lots of other interesting teachers who have helped me do some MORE thinking. I never thought I’d be able to keep writing for 2 years, and sometimes I did feel like not writing here any longer. I still hope I’ll one day be able to meet you all in person. This is what I’ve gained from blogging. If nothing else, it’s been nice to hear praises, compliments, criticism and exchange ideas with all readers who paid Doing Some Thinking a visit. If you look on the side, this blog hasn’t received any kind badges for awards, nominations or anything like that, but I can guarantee that what I have gained from keeping it going for these two years is worth a lot more than any kind of award. It’s already been mentioned by people I respect and admire, and what’s better than having the recognition of those you look up to?

I guess finding your true passion does make a difference, and to me, the passion is being able to interact with all of you who read the blog. There are just way too many fantastic blogs on ELT in the blogosphere, and the fact that some of you do take a little of your time to read what I’ve got to say means a lot. I only wish I could have already met most of you. If only I’d been to one of the many conferences in Europe, I’m sure I’d have even more reasons to be thankful for all that Doing Some Thinking has done to me.

Now, two years on, I’d like to ask you two things:

  1. How many posts do you think there have been in these 2 years?
  2. If you may, is there any old post you particularly enjoyed reading? One of the challenges I participated was about finding the gems in the blogosphere. I’d love to hear which blog posts I’ve written were somehow interesting to you.

And one last time, I’d just like to thank you for your time to read the posts, for sharing your thoughts, and for helping me grow professionally. I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for all the feedback I’ve received. You’ve certainly helped me keep it up!

Here’s to some more time doing some thinking together. 🙂

Anyone up for a celebration? Thanks for reading! 🙂


15 thoughts on “Doing Some Thinking turns 2 years old!!

    1. The feeling is mutual, David! Your blog and your way with words are absolutely amazing! I hope you can still find this blog worthwhile for another couple of years! 🙂

  1. Congratulations on turning two, Henrik!

    I’ve loved your blog right from the start. It’s a great example of reflective practice and it really does do what the name claims – some thinking.

    My favourite post on this blog?

    I am biased of course, because this post was one in which I sort of participated, but I remember that day vividly and it was so interesting and motivating to do that impromptu hook up with you and your teachers. And I loved the follow up post that examined that idea of blowing away the four walls of a room to make the most of what a technology-enabled PLN potentially has to offer.

    Keep on blogging mate. I know your thinking helps you, but it helps a lot of other people around the world as well!

    Cheers and congrats again,

    – Mr. Raven

    1. Hey Jason!

      You do have a large role on this accomplishment. The first time someone recommended Doing Some Thinking, or at least the first time I saw it, it was you in that post of yours “It’s worth taking a look at this blog”. That was a great thing done in the blogosphere, by the way. You might not know it, but I did appreciate your time reading the posts and all the talks we had later on. If this blog were to end today, I’d be happy to know that some I’ve “met” a couple of great educators because of it, and that they got to know me as well!

      The post you mentioned was indeed a very good one! I hope we can Skype in class again soon! 🙂


  2. Hi Henrick,
    Two years ago you began writing, and it is an ongoing process. There are no demands, no pressure. You write your thoughts and share them with eloquence and thoughtful insight. I have popped in and out of connecting to blogs, but your blog remains one that I always pop back to….keep on keepin’ on…

    all the best,

    1. Hi Susi,

      Your comments were sorely missed by this blogger. You’ve certainly helped me do some thinking through your comments, blog posts and even a suggestion of a topic for me to write on. This is what makes it worth the while, isn’t it? I think the chances for us to have “met” without the blog would be really slim, and I do hope we can one day meet f2f.

      All the best from Brazil!!

  3. Congrats Henrick! 2 years is a milestone many haven’t reached yet with their current ELT blogs, including me. =)

    As for my guess, I’d say you’ve written 80 posts in those two years. I’m on track for 100 and I think I post rather often (under normal circumstances), so this is where my 80 guess comes from.

    You’ve had a number of posts I loved, most recently the L1 debate and earlier the NNEST one. Keep on thinking.

    1. Howdy, Tyson!!

      It hasn’t always been an easy task, but keeping it up has always been made easier by the connections I’ve made. It’s just so much fun to look forward to actually meeting all of you guys in person one day. I hope we get there soon!

      80 is a good guess, especially as I have had my ebb and flow of posting. It’s a bit more than that, though! 🙂

      I’ll keep on thinking as long as you all help me out! 🙂

  4. Brilliant!

    there may be around 80 posts, I think Tyson has a good guess.

    And as far as I can remember, my favorite post was also These Four Walls.

    A toast to many more years of Doing some Thinking.

    1. Hi Willy!! Long time no chat, man! Right before writing this post, I was re-reading your last post on writing – I guess it was the last post on your blog, right?! Loved the tone!

      It’s a bit more than 80, actually. There have been… 96 posts so far. I’m looking forward to having the time to chat again with you, and do it more often!

      When are you coming back to the “terrinha”, if ever? 🙂

  5. Congratulations, Henrick!

    I’ve been nicking ideas from your blog and advising fellow ELT thieves to do the same throughout these 2 years – it’s a rich blog, y’know!?

    Here’s to 2 years of excellent blogging!


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