Collaborative project

A while ago, I published a post asking for EFL/ESL teacher whether they’d like to join in a cross-cultural exchange project. We actually managed to get a good group of committed teachers who were willing to take it further. We moved from a wiki to a ning, and more and more teachers joined it. However, I believe there were just so many teachers involved that it was hard for me to keep track of it. Unfortunately, that didn’t really work out the way I thought it would when I wrote that post. You see, it outgrew the idea of a cross-cultural exchange project for students learning English and became a cross-cultural exchange project period. Wonderful, yes! But, again, not what I had in mind. Nevertheless, I haven’t given up on the idea – having a space for English Language Learners to collaborate and have another space to learn English in a more meaningful, authentic environment.

So, we’ve piloted a project on a wiki with some of of our students. You can check the results by clicking here or on the image below:

First of all, the students would be thrilled to see on the little globe in the main page that their work has been seen by people from different countries. If you could even send them a message on this wallwisher, I’d be very grateful.

Second, and I daresay most importantly, I’d like to invite teachers who may be willing to have this kind of project run in collaboration with our students. As I said, this has been piloted in the first semester, but now it’s time for it to become a tool for interaction instead of a “mere” tool for information sharing. I’ve already created a wiki called, and there are some guidelines already on the other wiki, which had been created for teachers:

If anyone is interested in joining, please let me know by comments, tweets, or even by filling out this form. We have run the project with student from their very first semester studying English to students preparing to a CAE exam. All students from all levels are welcome.

9 thoughts on “Collaborative project

  1. Hi Henrick,

    This sounds like a really interesting idea for our students. I’d love to be involved. The only thing that might disrupt my involvement is that I don’t have students again until September 2010 (my current lot are doing exams and will finish soon). I teach students of all levels, but those I’d like to work on this with would be pre-intermediate and above.

    Looking forward to getting involved =)


    1. Hi Mike,

      That’s not a problem. We are going to have a break now, and will only be back in August. I’ll work on the wiki page with the instructions and suggestions in July. All teachers who are interested in participating are more than welcome to contribute.

      I can definitely count you in! It’s not like there’s a due date for students to join. 🙂

      I look forward to getting our students to share information about their country and culture!


    1. Thanks! Any chance you’d know any teacher interested in joining next semester? I’ll have some “free” time in July to organise the wiki so that it’s ready for students’ input in August. Suggestions are more than welcome. 🙂

  2. Hi Rick, I have an “experimental” class starting in late September who’d love this kind of thing. Any chance of joining you then?

    1. Absolutely! Students seem to love the chance to collaborate with students of other cultures and are all thrilled to have the opportunity to do so regardless of the date the other groups may join! 🙂
      Let’s keep in touch and you just let me know when your class is ready so I can tell my students! 🙂

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