A call for English teachers to collaborate

I’ve been trying to set up an international project with my students for a long while now. I’ve always felt that they could benefit immensely from a project such as pen pals or any other exchange with students from other countries and cultures.

Recently I’ve had some nice conversations with some people from my PLN about cultural matters and I guess this is a nice topic for us to get our learners to participate in a global conversation as long as we can get them to join in. My hunch is that most learners tend to enjoy learning about certain cultural facts and enjoy hearing about the little cultural differences between countries. Who’s better to teach learners about these differences than other learners? I’m aware there are some groups already for classroom exchange on the web, so I’m aware this isn’t a unique and original idea, but my goal is to provide yet another chance for learners and teachers to collaborate and learn how to use a wiki.

The idea for the project came from lots of conversations I had with @bealup, who’s also helping me with the project, but all are welcome to participate and contribute. The more the merrier, right? I’ve just created a wiki and added a couple of suggestions of topics that would probably appeal to learners. The idea os for teachers to join in and share their own thoughts on each one of the topics so that we can have a feel of how this is going to be like for learners when we get the project going. There’s still a lot of work to be done on the wiki, such as finding the right pictures to illustrate it, come up with clear instructions, like Jim Burke did on his blogging project with students.

The idea is quite simple, as you’ll see if you visit the wiki. The aim is to have students from as many different nationalities and cultural background as possible. Teachers will have about two months to tweak the wiki before we kick off with the students. The intention is to officially start using it with students in March.

So, who wants to join?

8 thoughts on “A call for English teachers to collaborate

  1. Hi Henrick:

    Your idea is really brilliant. I like it and I would like to collaborate with you. I’m a Mexican TEFL teacher and I work in a Junior High School at Oaxaca, Mexico. Brazil is a very important country in America, but unfortunately it seems to be in quite another continent for us Mexicans! It is very important to start widening our mutual knowledge and intensifying our relationship, and starting with teachers and then students we can get out countries nearer… Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Álvaro,

      Thanks for the offering to collaborate! Just go to the wiki and ask to join. From that point, we teachers can learn together how to better explore the wiki before we got students onboard.

      I feel the same way about Mexico when you say that it seems Brazil is in a different continent. I’d like to get to know Mexico one day. Maybe the wiki will help in narrowing the gap. 🙂

      I’m looking forward to your collaboration. We can only make it happen if all teachers help in coordinating students.


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